We Buy, Sell and Rent To Own Colorado™ Testimonials

Colorado Home Trust can be summoned up in with these words: Honest – Super Smart – Responsive – Effective and Caring.

Charles Vinson, owner, represented myself during a traumatic time in my life. I was in a car accident that was pretty severe. My house needed some TLC but I needed to pay bills and get back on my feet. Charles found a buyer that didn’t have a problem with the minor repairs. I got exactly what we agreed upon. The team delivered exceptional service and results. Rarely have I encountered a more professional, competent team with such high integrity that offers amazing service and support. Every time I called Charles answered and took care of the situation right away. He took care of all the paperwork and necessary things to make this as hassle free as possible. It made my recovery a whole lot easier knowing someone stands by there word and actually cares about you and your situation. I would absolutely use Charles and his team again. Satisfied Customer, Lisa Yunker


Had a great experience working with Colorado Home Trust.

Was a smooth process with minimal work or stress on the part of the seller. Answers were always given promptly and accurately, couldn’t ask for anything else.”


Very enjoyable experience.

Very knowledgeable and helpful from start to finish. Especially good since this was done long distance.”


We were saddled with a property that was in an unsaleable or un-rentable condition.

We contacted Colorado Home Trust, LLC. They told us there were other possibilities and offered to help us locate a rent-to-own buyer for the house in it’s current condition. They contacted a buyer – no hits They contacted a buyer – no hits They contacted a buyer – no hits They contacted a buyer – bingo They negotiated the terms, assisted in the inspection process, wrote the contract and attended the closing. They: Never pressured or tried to “sell” us on unrealistic scenarios. Helped extricate us from a bad financial situation. Due to the personal problems that caused our situation these were very stressful times. Could have tried to take advantage of the situation, as other “we-buy-houses” companies did, but they DID NOT try to take advantage. Just facilitated a deal that satisfied all parties concerned ! Was honest and forthcoming during the whole transaction. I give Colorado Home Trust 5 stars, 10 outta 10, 2 thumbs up or any other way of saying their performance was exemplary.

Pat O'Connor

To whom it may concern; My experience with Colorado Home Trust has been primarily through Charles Vinson.

I had inherited my Parents home after my Dads passing & was in a quandary as to what to do with it. I responded to Charles after receiving a letter and we met on the property discussed what I might sell the property for and shook hands on an agreement in less than 15 minutes. I found Charles to be personable, straight-forward & easy to talk to. Mostly though, we were able to shake hands on a deal and I felt, and later was proven correct, that he was a man of his word. Not as easy to find in business today. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me.”


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