Rent to Own

We are working with an amazing LEASE with a Right to Purchase program * When you QUALIFY for the program, you get to pick ANY house from the property search on this website based on your approved RENT in Colorado Springs Metro areas and you would get to RENT that house * The program purchases the home, and you are ONLY obligated to a 1 year LEASE term at a time, with a right to RENEW your lease for up to 5 years or longer * You can purchase the home at ANY time for a pre-agreed price * You are never obligated to buy * Its a great way to PICK the PERFECT rental home * We call it the BEST lease in town! * I would love to tell you more * If you have a few minutes to reach out today, I can give you more information * I hope we can connect, and your housing search goes smoothly * I look forward to hearing from you! * Charles, Colorado House Scouts * 719-203-9500

Allow us to send a custom list of the homes you will find in the lease with the right to purchase program * NO RISK to you * NO down payments * Totally REFUNDABLE lease security deposit * NO obligation to buy

Just start a NEW search in the form to the right. We can get specific RENTAL NUMBERS for any home you find! Start a NEW home search today!

The Process is Simple and Transparent:

* Apply for approval.

* Find a qualified home with our real estate agent.

* The program buys the home, you lease it for 1-5 years or more.

* You can purchase your home from the program at any time OR walk away after lease.

* You are NEVER obligated to purchase

Basic Requirements to Qualify:

• 15 minute ONLINE application

• Household income of 3X rent

• Fair credit of 550+

* Stable employment

* No recent eviction or other landlord issues

* No pending bankruptcy

* No disqualifying criminal history

How to Apply:

Thanks for visiting Colorado Home Trust! If you want to know EXACTLY what you qualify for in a new home, please visit the Home Partners of America link here: to register and apply. Once approved, Home Partners will give us a maximum rental amount which we will use to match you up with a Great Colorado House! You will start out with a one year lease that you can renew for 4 more or more years. You will have the exclusive right to renew your lease OR purchase the home any time within 5 years. No obligation to buy! The approval is good for any home on our site and will be valid for up to 180 days without having to reapply (75.00). I would like to answer any questions along the way! Once again, here's the link: Thanks! Charles