What Is My House Worth? Let’s Crunch Numbers

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Let us help you out. So you’ve decided to sell, or maybe just considering selling your Colorado Springs house. Do you have an inherited property that is a vacant house or a rental property? Is it free and clear or is there a mortgage still attached? At Colorado Home Trust, LLC we have seen them […]

Make Your For Sale Sign Fly Away

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The improving Colorado Springs-area housing market showed no signs of slowing last month, as home sales soared and prices jumped to their highest levels in six years and people are selling their homes fast. Local single-family home sales totaled 1,104 in June, a 30.5 percent increase over the same month last year and the highest number of home […]

Rent to Own Buyer Checklist Part 2

Stay Focused! Don’t get me wrong, it can be simpler than you had imagined. Remember, everyone – Seller, Mortgage Broker, Credit Counselor, as well as your Rent to Own specialist are ALL pulling for you. When it all works it can really be fun to watch your finances improve and your credit score skyrocket! When you give Rent […]

Rent to Own Buyer Checklist – Part 1

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Contemplating making the plunge to a Rent to Own Home ? Don’t be afraid to GET WET ! If you have decided that landlords, lost wages, and neighbors just 6 inches away has got you bugged, we don’t blame you! Rent to Own has it’s benefits, but Rent to Own is NOT a get out of […]

Find Your Colorado Springs Rent-to-Own With Us!

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Find your Southern Colorado Rent to Own Home Today with us! | 719-203-9500 | We buy houses | Lease option Colorado Springs Check this out! Metro Brokers Real Estate Broker Associate Lori Jones is citing information posted on the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors website.  The association is reporting that homes sales in the Colorado […]

Rent to Own Nightmares (and How You Can Avoid Them)

Better to end up like this!!

With the downturn of the economy and the fact that the banks are no longer lending to many people, homebuyers and sellers have resorted to another strategy than the traditional approach.  It’s called “Rent to Own”, also known as “Lease Purchase” or “Lease Option”, and it is basically an arrangement between a buyer without stellar […]

It’s a Seller’s Market!


Now you’re probably thinking that that’s crazy, but hear me out. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal came out with an article about how there were only 2.19 million homes listed for sale in September which, according to Realtor.com was down 20% from a year ago (“Slim Pickings Are Latest Headache for Home Sales”, WSJ, October […]

More Parents Financing Their Kids’ Mortgages


“In 1991, Dan Driscoll of Towson, Md., and his wife, Theresa, wanted to buy a house, but the lowest mortgage rate they could find was 9%. Meanwhile, Driscoll’s parents, who were retired, were earning 3% on their savings. At Driscoll’s suggestion, his parents financed his $75,000 mortgage at a 6% rate.” Continue reading this article […]